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Legal Policy

World Wide Bulldogs (WWB) reserves the right to add and/or change any policy on this site at any time. As a customer of World Wide Bulldogs you agree to the terms and conditions of our policy no matter when your purchase had taken place.

Founded by breeder, Dino Kotsonis, World Wide Bulldogs has delivered new family additions all over the world. From London to Los Angeles, Boston to Beijing, Dubai to Detroit, we specially hand deliver our uniquely bred English bulldogs to your family, no matter where in the world you reside.

Once your purchase is made we provide the very best conditions in delivering your baby directly into your arms. The safest and most reliable way for your baby to be delivered is through our Nanny Shipping service. We have exceptional Airline Nannies that care to the needs of your animal as it travels. All our nannies are employed by the airport and will require that you pick up your new baby at the airport of their employment upon landing. Most major airports within the US are available. If for some reason our Airline Nanny Service is not available, we provide ground shipping. This method can take longer but may be necessary at times. This method is required for puppies or dogs weighing over 15 lbs. If you decide to hire your own shipper and the legal paperwork is not in place or if there are unsanitary conditions on the transport vehicle, we reserve the right to refuse pickup.

Our Flight Nannies work for the airlines and can only fly on standby with their company of employment. This means they can only fly to certain airports and cannot choose the day or arrival time for your new baby’s delivery. This also means that they could be bumped from their scheduled flight at any time. Because of this, you must have someone available to pick up your baby from the airport on any day or time the Nanny arrives. Our Nannies cannot miss their return flights so if you are late to meet them he/she may have to return with the puppy at your expense. There will be no refunds for any reason. By choosing this option of delivery you agree to this policy.

If you, the original purchaser, cannot keep the adopted puppy for any reason, you must return the dog to World Wide Bulldogs. Most of the time, we will pay the expense to have the dog returned to us. According to the circumstance, you may recieve an in-house credit for half to the full amount of your purchase price.You or a family member may use the credit at any time for another puppy. World Wide Bulldogs reserves the right to determin this on an individual basis. If the puppy is in poor health or condition from neglect there will be no credit applied.

The only reason World Wide Bulldogs takes the position it does is because we would not be able to enforce our no refund and no vet bill reimbursement policies. These policies are crucial for any breeder to stay in business. Otherwise, we have no issues with the laws of our States.


We require a copy of your females AKC Registration, her Pedigree, any DNA certificates you have, both color & AKC, and a photo, plus stud fee, before any stud services are reserved, rendered, or shipped. We WILL NOT RESERVE a spot with one of our studs without ALL required documents, contracts, and payment. If someone else calls & reserves a spot at the same time your girl is in, we will have no choice but to deny our services to you unless you have RESERVED our Stud properly.

Both parties agree that the World Wide Bulldogs name will not be used in the sell of the puppies of their dam. The STUD DOG name can be used as the name of the sire only. The puppies produced by this dam are the property of the bitch owner and are not puppies belonging to World Wide Bulldogs and will not be sold as World Wide Bulldogs puppies with the exception of “Pick Puppy Back Agreements”. Pick Puppy Agreements will be noted in the “Other Considerations” portion of the Online Contract. Therefore in all advertising or selling of these pups Dam Owner will not use World Wide Bulldogs as a selling key. Both parties agree that one live puppy constitutes a litter. Failure to raise the litter does not constitute a repeat breeding. Both parties agree that their own dogs involved in this breeding are in good health and that all shots and worming are up to date before day of breeding to be verified by Veterinarian if necessary. Bitch owner agrees to be forthcoming with ALL vet info & records in connection with the birth should they be requested by World Wide Bulldogs.

Our service is to provide you with good quality, live, healthy, motile semen for your use. This is what you are paying for. There is much involved in this process which costs us money, time, and limits the use or our male for others. Conception after live, motile semen is delivered or inseminated is the sole responsibility of the Bitch owner and or your veterinarian. There must be accurate timing, proper procedures, and ovulation with eggs dropped in order for the semen to do it’s job. We provide a repeat breeding for $150 per specimen plus shipping expenses. This also applies to a third specimen on any breeding as we provide only 2 for the advertised stud fee. Bitch owner is to notify Stud Dog Owner 10 days before whelping, that the bitch is not bred & is to be due a repeat breeding. Failure to notify STUD DOG owner constitutes a null and void contract. A letter from a certified Veterinarian shall be provided to the STUD DOG owner for proof the bitch is not bred and for records in her file. If after 1st breeding said bitch does not become pregnant then progesterone testing will be required to detect optimum breeding time for said bitch. This test will be done by a Veterinarian or Stud Owner (fees apply) to detect exact ovulation time at the expense of the bitch owner. If after the 2nd breeding the bitch does not conceive no further specimens will be provided & the stud dog owner will advise bitch owner to have an implant done on the bitch to conceive. Both parties agree that if the stud dog dies or is not on the premises for breeding or is being used by another bitch at the time of repeat breeding, the Stud Dog owner will have the right to breed to another male of their choice. Both parties agree that if the bitch changes ownership the stud service will be null and void.

World Wide Bulldogs in no way guarantees the quality or health of puppies produced from this breeding. Both parties agree that the genetics, structure, quality, all health issues or problems, etc. are the sole responsibility of the Bitch Owner & that World Wide Bulldogs is in no way responsible for any of the foregoing in any way or manner whatsoever. World Wide Bulldogs certifies that at the time of this contract, to the best of their knowledge, there are no major health or genetic issues with the Stud Dog herein & that this breeding does not constitute inbreeding.


5 Year Health-Death. We will replace your pet within the 1st 5 years of life under the following conditions:

1a. In the event of the death/contraction of disease that greatly affects the life quality of your pet due to genetic or hereditary disease, Seller will replace the pet with another of equal value by the stipulations laid out below. Seller reserves the right to withhold certain puppies from the replacement program. Original pet if living, all documents requested by Seller, and signed AKC papers are to be returned to Seller no later than 7 days after exercise of this Guarantee.

1b. In the event of the death/contraction of disease that greatly affects the life quality of your pet due to genetic or hereditary disease throughout the pet s first 5 years of life, Seller will issue a credit in the amount of the applicable percentage of the original cost towards the purchase of a replacement puppy of same or greater value. Credit is good for 90 days from date of death/contraction of the pet or if no puppy of the same breed & sex is available, time is extended until a puppy becomes available. Percentages as follows: Up to 1 year old: 100%, 13 months to 2 years old: 60%, 25 months to 3 years old: 40%, 37 months to 4 years old: 30%, 49 months to 5 years old: 20%

1c. Purchaser is responsible for the daily care and upkeep of the pet, including all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase, as well as providing necessary vet visits, medication and follow-up treatments from vet visits.

2a. Seller guarantees the life of your pet for 5 years as laid out below. The only exclusion is for the death of the pet due to negligence.

2b. In the event of the death of the pet due to accident, within the first 5 years of life, Seller will issue a credit in the amount of 40% of the original price for the first 3 years & 20% for years 4 & 5 toward the purchase price of a replacement pet of equal or greater value. Credit must be used within 90 days of the pet s death or if no puppy of the same breed & sex is available, time is extended until a puppy becomes available. This does NOT include accident due to negligence of any kind. For example: letting your pet outside, unleashed, without a fence, and it runs in the road & gets hit by a car…this is negligence.

2c. In the event of the death of the pet due to accident, a death certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be presented to Seller within five days of the accident, showing cause and circumstance of death.


Pet must be examined by a licensed vet within 24 hours of receipt, excluding Sundays, for a wellness check. Results MUST be e-mailed to us within 24 hours of wellness check. Please make an appointment for a wellness check before you receive your baby. All vet visits, nutrition receipts, etc. must be kept & made available to Seller upon request & upon exercise of this guarantee.

Buyer must notify Seller office by phone immediately (within 24 hours) of the diagnosis of the condition and request a replacement puppy.

All shots, worming, and heartworm preventative must be kept up to date and documented by a licensed Veterinarian, records of which are to be provided to Seller by e-mail upon request. A heartworm test must be done on living pets by your Vet and the results must be Negative. If a positive test results, your pet does not qualify for replacement, and this contract is VOID.

The pet must not be altered in any way. Note: Spaying or neutering young animals (before 2 years of age) can contribute to improper bone, muscle growth, & maturity, which is especially important in the Bulldog Breeds.

The pet, if alive, signed AKC Papers, All Health Records, and any other requested documents must be returned to Seller at Owner s expense within 7 days of a replacement request to be eligible for a replacement.

Pet must be kept on NuVet Supplements for life and be fed what is considered a high grade dog food. Most foods purchased from PetSmart are eligible. Most foods purchased from Walmart will void this guarantee, except Purina One Foods. Also, Purina Puppy Complete is acceptable. Keep ALL receipts! We will ask for them. NuVet Supplements purchased from the link on our site will generate a receipt to us for your convenience.

Pet s microchip must be registered in the Purchasers name within 30 days of receipt of pet.

Buyer must supply to seller immediately ANY requested receipts, vet records, or any other request from seller at any time.

The value of the pet for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price, not including shipping costs, crate, health certificate, or other costs.

Replacement pets have NO Guarantee; Seller cannot & does not replace replacement pets. Any condition found to be the fault of improper care or diet is NOT Covered under this Guarantee.

Any condition or illness contracted AFTER the Buyer takes possession of the pet is NOT covered by this Guarantee.

Example: Pneumonia. Hereditary conditions are present at birth & therefore cannot be contracted.

Seller will replace my pet with the 1st available equal of the same breed & sex. I understand that Seller has the right to withhold specific puppies from the replacement program at their choosing.

Seller will not pay Vet Bills or reimburse me for any Vet or Other Bills in connection with original pet or replacement pet under ANY circumstances.

Venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to Seller shall lie exclusively in Escambia County, Florida if the pet originated there, and Riverside County, California if the pet originated there.

Seller will not accept any returns other than pursuant to the Guarantee, below and under those circumstances only, shall the Pet shall be replaced.

Limitations of Guarantee:
The Guarantees herein are non-transferable. The pet must be in good physical condition. No replacement will be given if the pet has been bred or develops hip dysplasia due to excessive weight gain resulting from the dog being neutered or spayed. No replacement will be given if breeds that are known to be prone to hip dysplasia are overweight or over-exercised. No replacement will be given if the registration application form has expired. Customer must follow the seller recommended nutritional program, including recommended food and vitamin supplements. Customer must retain all receipts for food, vitamins and vet records to show adherence to this guarantee. Pets must not be over-exercised during their growth period, the first two years of life. All of the above-mentioned conditions must be met or all Guarantees will be void. A licensed veterinarian must do all laboratory verifications. Customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from Seller. If pet is found and certified by a licensed veterinarian to have congenital or hereditary disorders that adversely affect the health of the animal, and if Seller is notified within two business days of the veterinarian’s determination, then Seller will provide a replacement pet of equal value under the terms herein. However when making a claim, Seller may request the customer to get a second opinion from another vet before being reviewed by our vet. Seller will not be responsible for veterinarian fees or shipping costs. Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses accumulated on returned or replaced pet.

Other Considerations:
Transportation is arranged through third party carriers frequently there are delays for numerous reasons including but not limited to weather, logistics, mechanical failure or other unforeseen events. Seller shall not be responsible or liable directly or indirectly for any delays that may cause you inconvenience or financial loss.

This contract is not valid outside the United States or Canada, nor is the contract, or the guarantee herein assignable.

Registration papers for all registered puppies will be sent by regular mail. If the papers are lost, the purchaser is responsible for the cost of obtaining new papers. However, we will assist you by providing a copy of these papers.