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Black and Tan Tri Color Female, sired by Jax born from Coco.
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Our AKC Registered Pedigreed Miniature English Bulldogs are extremely rare. Because they are miniature they will only grow to about 40 pounds. This breed of Bulldog was lighter boned and higher on leg. but with the courage, tenacity and determination that still exists today. Over the years other breeds have crossed with the Bulldog to give these traits to their breeds, perhaps the best known being the Greyhound. After bull-baiting, bear-baiting, and dog fighting were prohibited in England in 1835, a few dedicated fanciers worked diligently to breed out the aggressive, vicious tendencies and to modify the Bulldog to look more like we see him today, shorter faced and heavier in structure.

These breeders made it their job to preserve and protect the Bulldog. The modern Bulldog is gentle, intelligent, affectionate. strong and determined. The Bulldog was among the first of the breeds to be granted official recognition when the Kennel Club (England) was organized in 1873. The Bulldog Club of America was formed in 1890 utilizing the English Standard. In 1896, a Standard was adopted by the Bulldog Club of America. it was revised in 1914 to declare the Dudley nose a disqualification. In 1976, the Dudley nose disqualification was redefined as a “brown or liver colored nose”. The Standard was reformatted in 1990 with no changes in wording. In 2016, the coat and eye colors and coat patterns were better defined.

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