English Bulldog Breeding Standards


Bulldog skull is very large in reference to the rest of the body and the forehead should be flat, not rounded. Ears and eyes should be as far from each other as possible. Eyes sitting low down in the skull, round and neither bulging or sunken in.The circumference of the dog’s head should measure from foot to shoulder. Rose ears are most desirable, folding in at the back edge and folding over in the front. There should be wrinkles covering the head with two dangling folds beneath the jaw.


The chest should be very broad, well-rounded and full. The back should be short and broad, narrowing out at the loins. Coat should be straight and short, smooth and glossy. No curl or fringe.


The forequarters are really what give the English Bulldog a somewhat Herculean look. Shoulders are wide and brawny and slant outward. The forelegs are short and stout and somewhat bowed in appearance. However, the actual bones should not be curved. The feet should sit firmly and may be out-turned very slightly.


The hind legs should be longer than the forelegs to raise the loins above the shoulders. Hocks are somewhat bent and turn outward slightly through the foot. The tail should be low and tapered and can be straight or screwed, but never curly.